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Mauritius Finance has a crucial role in advancing knowledge and training for the industry, as one of its key objectives.

Mauritius Finance is seeking to empower and upskill young graduates as well as existing finance professionals in the Mauritius IFC. The 10 Year Blueprint for Financial Services calls on the sector to focus on upskilling its human capital, to ensure the deep specialisation needed for certain IFC activities in the future, in the light of increasing innovation.

Mauritius Finance proposes to contribute to capacity building through advancing knowledge sharing and e-learning and hosting training sessions in the form of regular workshops, conferences and masterclasses.

In order to prepare the young graduates of the future, and to fulfil its role as a training centre par excellence, Mauritius Finance is building partnerships with a range of academic and professional institutions, such as the ICA, CISI, and CLT International, to pioneer effective learning which can translate into employability.

Mauritius Finance is also collaborating with relevant ministries, government departments and authorities such as the Financial Services Institute and HRDC to ensure that the right training is provided at the right time in the light of current challenges and opportunities for the Mauritius IFC, in an increasingly interconnected and digital world, with a strong focus on promoting professional and ethical practice.

Mauritius Finance

Training and Activities

Battle of the Banks Africa 2024 Challenge

Mauritius Finance & the Mauritius Bankers Association Limited, in collaboration with ICAPTS is hosting an exclusive gamified training programme meticulously designed to equip professionals with a comprehensive understanding of risk management within a competitive and highly regulated environment. Pricing: MUR 35,000 ( MQA approved) MF & MBA Members : 5 % discount -MUR 33,250 Link […]

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CPD: Advanced AML/CFT for Compliance Professionals

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AML/CFT Framework: Independent Compliance Audit

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Training and Careers


Mauritius Finance is committed to supporting career development in the sector, and regularly participates in Job Fairs in Mauritius.

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