3rd Annual Meeting – Shamima Mallam-Hassam re-elected as Chairperson

Shamima Mallam-Hassam has been reappointed as Chairperson and Priscilla Balgobin-Bhoyrul was elected as Vice-Chairperson of the Mauritius Finance Board of Directors at the MF third Annual Meeting on 19 April 2024.

🌐Joining them are 10 esteemed directors representing diverse sectors of the financial services industry, including:

• Management companies- Shamima Mallam-Hassam, Rama Sithanen, Rehma Imrith, Shahed Hoolash, Gordon Stuart TEP / FPSA / CTA, Varounen Goinden and rizwana ameer meea.

• Accounting/Auditing Firms – Anthony Leung Shing

• Banks – Sangeetha Ramkelawon

• Law firms – Priscilla Balgobin-Bhoyrul

• Licencees under Securities Act – Shamin Ahmad Sookia

• Others – Fazeel Soyfoo